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From the perspective of the campfire the dark is only dark. From the hidden-ness of the dark however, everything in the world is seen and sensed. The camper is blinded by the light, the wolf not. We tell stories here in our blindness and, perhaps, we come to put more faith in them than we […]

Back and Blogging

I’m back after a short hiatus in the wilds of Minnesota (a writers retreat called Norm’s Fish Camp up near the Boundary Waters. Still typing in the stuff from my notebook. But I’ll post a few new musings later today. See you all in a few days when the process begins.

I told my wife Ellen (Ellen McLaughlin – playwright and actress extraordinaire) that I had named my main character Caleb.  She thought she’d remembered something about that name.  She found the following: Caleb’s name is spelled with the same consonants as כֶּלֶב kéleḇ meaning “dog”, prompting the common conclusion that the name Caleb means “dog”. […]

Thoughts on Thursday

Our curators/presenters showed up, warmed up their bodies gamely and talked with me.  I showed them a couple of the clowns I’d discovered Wed. afternoon.  Two are shown here, one with stones in his hands, another in a little paper dress. Ned Rothenberg,  the great reed player and shakuhachi whiz showed up on Thurs. to […]

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