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Monthly Archive for September, 2012

Here are the base costume ideas I have been playing with.  A long robe, slate gray in color with a removable bunraku hood.  The costumes would be distressed and treated to emulate the look of a well-used chalkboard.    

Costume Ideas

There are several costume ideas I have been working on since my meeting with Rinde.  We had talked about the actors wearing costumes that unified them and referenced Ningyōtsukai (Bunraku Puppeteers) and their style of dress.  I also like the unified look of the Butoh performers.  One of the many style of Ningyōtsukai hoods made […]

On Wednesday, September 12 at 4:15pm, Rinde Eckert will lead the colloquium for the music department at Wesleyan University. This event is free and open to both Wesleyan students and the general public. Come hear Rinde discuss talk about his relationship to music and his new theatrical work The Last Days of the Old Wild […]


From the perspective of the campfire the dark is only dark. From the hidden-ness of the dark however, everything in the world is seen and sensed. The camper is blinded by the light, the wolf not. We tell stories here in our blindness and, perhaps, we come to put more faith in them than we […]

Back and Blogging

I’m back after a short hiatus in the wilds of Minnesota (a writers retreat called Norm’s Fish Camp up near the Boundary Waters. Still typing in the stuff from my notebook. But I’ll post a few new musings later today. See you all in a few days when the process begins.