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Monthly Archive for July, 2012

I told my wife Ellen (Ellen McLaughlin – playwright and actress extraordinaire) that I had named my main character Caleb.  She thought she’d remembered something about that name.  She found the following: Caleb’s name is spelled with the same consonants as כֶּלֶב kéleḇ meaning “dog”, prompting the common conclusion that the name Caleb means “dog”. […]

Thoughts on Thursday

Our curators/presenters showed up, warmed up their bodies gamely and talked with me.  I showed them a couple of the clowns I’d discovered Wed. afternoon.  Two are shown here, one with stones in his hands, another in a little paper dress. Ned Rothenberg,  the great reed player and shakuhachi whiz showed up on Thurs. to […]

July work

I’ve been in the studio now for three days.  I’ve been working on what I call “clown research” – finding characters that might lead me into interesting territory: inquiries, possible futures, etc. I’ve also had a crisis typical of this moment in my creative process.  Yesterday I threw everything out. Today it all came back […]